Paulsons is a company that aims at representing fashion and quality at global standards. Paulsons Group domestically founded a series of Educational Institutions as an outcome of its desire to provide quality education to the society.

Our philosophy is simple: Dedication, Discipline and Loyalty.

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The brands speak for themselves. But, behind the brands is a team of young and dedicated associates from a variety of backgrounds that bring a diverse set of skills, talent and abilities together to ensure that the products we sell and customer service we provide is unparallel.

Dr. Anbu Paul M.B.B.S., DCH

Managing Director

Dr. Anbu Paul is a professional in the field of medicine doing relentless service for the past 25+ years in helping the poor and needy. She has been a pillar of support, a guide and counseller for the entire team. Her desire is to make a better society and a better country.

Team Member

Dr. Sam Paul M.E., Ph. D, B.L.


Serial entrepreneur, Industrialist, educationalist, actor and advocate! Sam needs no introduction and is a rolling stone when it comes to setting up new businesses and exploring new verticals. The “King of Retail” is only picking up speed and his latest foray is into the world of fitness with his new venture Slam Fitness. Business is his favorite hobby which is what makes him so passionate about every brand he brings in.

Team Member

team member

Runima Biswas


Runima joined the Pauls Group in 2008 where she initially started working in an IT project for the organization, but her passion and knowledge for the lifestyle industry made her a natural choice to join Paulsons Beauty and Fashion as a member of the Toni&Guy team. With a varied background in banking, financial services, and PR, Runima’s expertise has made her a vital part of the Paulsons Group.

team member

Blessing A Manikandan

Chief Executive Officer

Almost 20 years of rich work and implementation experience with leading organizations in advertising, marketing, business strategies, public/media relations and franchising, speaks for his innovative and effective profit maximization strategies. As a key contributor to the branding, advertising and marketing endeavor's of large and medium firms across industries such as beauty, fashion, telecom, health care, education, retail, electronics and others, he has delivered significant top line results.

team member

Mario Desmond Weller

Vice President - Inventory Management

Mario has had the pleasure of being associated with the Paulson’s group for over 3years. He always had an overwhelming interest towards retail and sales as a profession. Being a model always needed him to be groomed and presentable and what better way to do that, than being associated with the world’s biggest name in hairdressing where looking good is a part of the job. In the past Mario has been associated with luxury brands like lladro for over 5 yrs and then moved on to other brands like Pavers England, Paul Smith, Bottega Veneta, Canali to name a few.

team member

Prasad Balaraman

Vice President - F & B

Being an unapologetic foodie, it was not long before he found himself carving a career wholly in the food industry when he accepted an offer to run Haagen-Dazs flagship store in Chennai. His passion for food and ambition to develop a brand that is on par with global standards flourished under our Managing Director's guidance and Jonah’s Bistro is the first step in realization of the ambition of these two foodies. He says a crowded ante room at Jonah’s filled with eager customers’ fuels his ambition to create a place for Jonah’s Bistro on the global gastronomical map.

team member

Anirudh Ram

Vice President

Being an avid gamer and techie, Anirudh joined Paulsons in 2013, with an intention to sell, build, dream and grow with the company. He helps raise brand awareness with his marketing skills for the Paulsons group properties. He is young and ambitious with a good head on his shoulders, and its this attitude, he believes help him climb the corporate ladder at a steady pace.

team member

Darren Rodrigues

Vice President

In 2013, Darren joined the Paulsons family with a mission to use the opportunity given to expand the business and upgrade the value of Paulsons. Having worked in reputed IT Organisations like Computer Associates, HCL, Concentrix to name a few, for over 8 yrs as a Senior Software engineer he dived into the beauty and fashion industry. Although the industries were poles apart, Darren had no problems in catching up with the rest of the team because from the start he was a keen learner and adapted to the role given very quickly.

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